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Promo terbaik dari TIMOTI untuk kamu mulai dari Rosacactus Foam Cleanser, Bamboo Soothing Gel, First Drop Mist. waktu dan stock terbatas hanya dari tanggal 16 – 18 juni 2022


A gentle yet effective foam cleanser that mainly contains Rose & Rose hip oil, Cactus Flower Extract, Crocus Chyrsanthus to gentle cleanse & soften the skin.

Moisturizing, Whitening, Repair & Anti-aging

Bamboo Soothing Gel

Bamboo Soothing Gel contains 99% bamboo extract that provides relief for fatigued and dry skin all season long. Bamboo is rich in moisture and contains anti-bacterial properties that provide a cooling effect on damaged or sumburned skin.

First Drop Mist

Timoti First Drop Mist contains 100% safe ingredients abd provides abundant moisture to skin. Made from mineral-rich glacier water, it replenishes and keeps the skin soft and glowing.

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Bamboo Soothing Gel

First Drop Mist