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Cep peptide

TIMOTI CEP Peptide PRO is formulated with 7 kinds of peptides. Peptide is a protein composite which can be easily absorbs by skin which helps to create a glow skin with its brightening, smoothing, and restore skin cells functions.

It is a high nutrition serum with functions of whitening and wrinkle improvement as well as elasticity enhancement with the combination of niacinamide and adenosine, which are functional ingredients certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Administration in Korea.

AA Cream

TIMOTI Absolute Advance Cream (AA Cream) is a mild cream which suitable for all ages and all skin types include sensitive skin or even irritated skin. This cream helps to deliver deep hydration and nutrients to your skin. The main ingredients contain rich minerals which is good in keeping our skin moisturized and helps minimize the signs of aging.

Leaving skin dewy and luminous with an instant glow and provides 24 hours of hydration to reduces dryness.

"TIMOTI combines experience in cosmetic beauty care with the collection of top technology for the simplest and most perfect skin care. The finest, fastest, effortless, simplest solution for everyone."


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Absolute Advance Cream & Cep Peptide Pro Serum

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