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Peppy Zippy Rose Serum

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Infinite Mouisturizing with Bulgarian Rose 70%. Contain luxury Bulgarian rose 70% instead of general purified clear water, supply moisture to
skin infinitely. wrinkles improvement and whitening, improves elasticity and makess skin clear though steady usage of it.

Main Feature :

ROSE DAMASCENA FLOWER WATER(BULGARIAN ROSE) 70% Prevent skin dryness, moisturizing, smoothing skin texture. Soothing and calming effect for sensitive skin with natural rose fragrance without artificial flavourings.
Rose Flower Oil Rose flower oil have skin conditional effect, improve skin vitality supply nutrient smoothers rough skin and also soothing effect. Care skin and heal mind with original fragrance.
Camellia Oil Camellia oil containing a lot of oleic acid has soothing effect and every skin type can used it because it does not be changed easily. Also, rich Gamma Linolenic acid private skin dryness and improves elasticity.
Rosa Canina Fruit Oil Contain Vitamin B,C,E and unsaturated fatty acid component improves skin vitality. Especially in rosehip, 60 times vitamin C of lemon is contained and it help to care skin clear.

Directions :
Use after cleansing. Use in the morning and evening

Skin Type : All Skin & Sensitive Skin

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